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On our website we compare some known offshore hoster and introduce them. Because of the plurality of offshore hosters the choice is not always easy. Because of our votes and reviews you can inform about experience other people made with a hoster. So it's easier to find out, wheter the hoster is reliable. Have you collected experience with a hoster yet? Leave a comment and rate a provider. Faciliate others the decision which hoster to join.

The following hosters will be described here:

The requirements for a webhoster can be different. In which country should the server be located? How much should your privacy be protected? There are hoster, who offer the possibillity to stay completely anonymous. How risky is the website you want to host? Do you need additional security (DDoS-protection)?

Of course the price is important, too. You should consider, that offshore webhosting ist more expensive than common hosting. Requirements for offshore hosting are usually higher. A high level of security is required and server should be fast. Privacy-protection is important, too. Offshore webhosting is more expensive, because the server centres are abroad. Compare prices and benefits of the hosting plans and choose the best suited one for you.

Offshore hoster comparison and rating

Meanwhile there are a lot of offshore hosters on the market. These companies operate their hosting business outside of Germany, where are the laws for websites and operators are more liberal. Popular countries are: Netherlands, Panama, Russia and Malaysia.

Webhoster operate in these and other offshore countries modern data centers with highend server. A powerful DDoS-protection is offered by many hosters, too. Just if you decide to host your website offshore, there are often websites with sensitive content. Such websites are often attacked by hackers. With an effective DDoS-protection you can save a lot of trouble.

If you decide to host your website offshore ,this can have several reasons. Because of personal reasons or the be save from written warnings a lot of people decide to host their website aonymously. A lot of hoster accept Bitcoin or Paypal. Thus you can stay anonymous to the hoster. To keep really anonymous it's recommended to protect your domain with a privacy-protection. The hoster will than be entered in the whois-data of your domain and it's not possible to see who is the owner of the domain. This is usefull when you operate a website with sensitive conent or warez.

You should not disregard, when you are hosting, that always the laws of the country apply, where you have your place of residence. So it's not enough to host offshore and to believe the laws of the offshore country apply. Referring to this to be save, you should establish a company in the country, where your site is hosted. You can find many provider in the internet, who offer the service, to establish an offshore company. Panama is very popular, because in Panama you don't have to pay taxes for abroad income.

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Everything about offshore hosting

About Offshore Hosting

Offshore hosting is an interesting issue since many years. There are a lot of provider and you have to decide which hoster to choin. Thereby there are some criterion you have to respect and compare. One of the first questions is, in which country you want to host. To find the best country for hosting, it dpends on the kind of wesbite you want to host. Some countries are suited to host a certain site. On our website we compare different countries and describe for which kind of website they are suited.

If you have decided in which country you want to host, you can refine your search for a suited hoster. A lot of hoster offer serveral locations/countries. Here are some points you should consider:

How long exists the hoster already? It's always good to get information how long a hoster is on the market. The longer, so much the better. Just offshore hosting is an active business. A lot of hoster exist only for a short time or are unreliable.

Which service do I need, what offers the hoster? If you only want to host a single website, a shared hosting package is adequate. If you need more resources, you can rent a dedicated server or a vps-server (virtual server). Shared webspace packages are starting at 3$ per month. The most hoster provide everything you need: Low priced webspace packages up to dedicated root server.

How expensive is offshore hosting? A price comparison is worth. Prices can often vary. Compare the packages and benefits. Essential factors can be, what bandwidth is inclusive or is the hosting package DdoS-protected. Low priced hosting packages start at 3$ per month, dedicated server cost up to 500$ per month. Even if you want a effective DDoS-protection, packages may cost more.

Which control panel is used? There are different control panels to administrate your webspace. All adjustments for your website are included: email, databases, webstatistics. The most used panels are Plesk or cPanel. Cpanel is the most used. We recommend, that your hoster offers cPanel or Plesk.

Domains anonymous

Domains anonymous

If you want to operate a website, one of the first things you have to decide, is the name of the domain. The ending of the domain is important, too. An anonymous domain with a country-specific ending is mostly not possible. It's different, if you choose an international ending like .com. With an non country-specific domain it's possible to anonymize the owner. This is called privacy-protection, whereat the hoster will be entered in the whois-entry and you can stay anonymous.

If you want to operate a country-specific domain or protect the whois-entry, some companies offer a trust service for domains. This trust company will be entered as owner. However you have a contract with the hoster, that you are the owner of the domain. Anyway it's recommended to establish a company in the country where you host. Only then the laws of the country apply, where you want to host. Otherwise the laws apply, where you have your domicile. If you host offshore, your are not save of written warnings and you have the duty of a imprint.