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DDoS-protected Hosting | What is DDoS-protecion ?

A requirement for webhosting is an effective DDoS-protection. What are DDoS-attacks? DDoS means Distributed Denial of Service. When a DDoS-attack happens, the server or a website will be overloaded with requests. The server is getting very slow or stops its services complete. This is a deliberately caused overload. Cyber criminals build botnets as they control unnoticed computer. These networks are abused for DDoS-attacks. The bigger the botnet is the more effective the attack is. Server or websites without an effective DDoS-protection are more susceptible and overloaded. A lot of webhoster offer an effective DDoS-protection. Particularly KoDDoS is specialized to defend DDoS-attacks. They use very modern technique have a team of qualified experts.

There are different forms of DDoS-attacks. This coheres with the OSI-7-layer-model for network protocols. A lot of attacks occur at layer 3 and layer 4: TCP SYN, Floods, DRDoS Also at layer 7 a lot of attacks happen: HTTP GET, POST

DDoS HostingDDoS Hosting

DDoS-attacks can have a personal background or somebody is scanning the internet. A DDoS-attack often causes financial damage and damage for the image of the owner. Before you choose a webhoster, you should keep in mind, whoch kind of website you want to host. Some areas in the internet are more attacked than others. For example you want to host a HYIP, you have a higher risk becaus of DDoS-attacks. It's a little bit more expensive, but with a good DDoS-protection you are save from hackers and spam. The frequency of DDoS-attacks has grown an the last years. So to be save against DDoS-attacks ist getting more and more important. And it's important,too, to choose an adequate webhoster.

There are different techniques to protect against DDoS-attacks. Here is a list:

  • Apache Mod Security
  • Apache Mod Evasive
  • Mailserver Flood protection
  • TCP/IP SYN Flood
  • TCP/IP ACK Flood
  • TCP/IP Fragmented Attack
  • ICMP echo request
  • UDP Flood Attack
  • DNS Attacks
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