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To register a domain anonymous may have different reasons. For example you don't want, that others can see the whois-entry of your domain and find out who the owner is. Thereby you can protect against spammer. But remeber there are differneces, which ending you want. If you take a country-specific domain you need a domicile in this country. If you don't have a domicile in this country, there are hoster, who offer a trust service. If you need a trust service, the hoster/provider will be entered in the whois-entry as owner. However you have a contract with the hoster, that you have all rights about the domain.

It's easier if you register a non-country-specific domain (e.g. .com). For this domains you don't need a special domicile. The webhoster is here entered as owner, too. But you don't need a trust service, what usually is liable to pay costs. This is called privacy-protection. This service is offered by a lot of webhosters for free or a little fee.

Keep always in mind, if you operate an anonymous domain, always the laws apply, where you have your domicile. If you have a .de domain for example, you have a imprint duty. If you really want to keep absolutely anonymous, without risking a written warning, you can establish a company in the particular country. There are a few websites in the internet, who offer the foundation of a offshore company. Offshore countries are very popular ( Panama, Netherlands, UK). If you want to stay anonymous against your webhoster, too, than you should join a provider accepting Bitcoin. A lot of webhoster offer basically to stay anonymous.

Here are some domain endings, where you don't need a trust service. Anonymization is offhand possible (privacy-protection):

.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .name, .mobi

Domains anonymousDomains anonymous
anonymous Domains
Domain anonymous is a growing trend on the internet, and it's becoming a great way to protect your privacy. Domain anonymous services hide the domain registration information of websites and can give webmasters an extra layer of anonymity. Domain anonymous services not only protect from malicious data mining, but also from advertisers looking to target individuals who visit certain sites. Domain anonymous registration can be a quick, simple way to keep yourself hidden online and add that extra layer of security for your website's safety.
Domain anonymous is a relatively new concept that offers users the ability to keep their online presence private. Domain anonymous works by blocking the personal information associated with domain registration from being publicly visible and searchable. This way, companies and individuals can keep the details of their domains secure, so no one outside of those with access to view the records can know who owns the domain. Domain anonymous can also block third-party data brokers from collecting domain owner info to use for marketing purposes, thus providing users more control over how their data is used. Domain anonymous is a great way for those who care about their privacy to protect themselves in the digital space.
Domain anonymity is an important factor to consider when setting up a website. It’s a way to keep your domain information private so that the true ownership of the website remains unknown. Domain anonymization is done by keeping an intermediary between the domain and its owner, acting as a shield between them. Domain anonymous keeps your details hidden from government and corporation entities who would have access to this information if it was published on the net. Domain anonymous also gives you more control over brand protection, meaning you can set yourself apart from third party websites that are fueling rumors about your brand. Domain anonymous can help protect against malicious attackers by hiding your website name and making it more difficult for hackers to find your site. Ultimately, protecting your online presence with Domain Anonymous is an easy way to secure any website from malicious activities and threats in this digital world.