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If you decide to pursue your own website, is one of the first decisions, which name to choose for the domain. The name should describe your company well. Just for search enginge optimization it's important, which name will be choosen. The name should contain keywords, where you want to be found. The ending of a domain is important, too. You can choose between international endings like .com, .net, .org or country-specific endings like .de, .at, .nl. The language of a website and the corresponding ending affect search enginge optimization positive. If you choose a country-specific ending, mostly a domicile in this country is required. Some webhoster offer a trust service, so you can select a domain without having a domicile in the country. This also a possibility, if you want to stay anonymous. In the whois-entry the hoster will be entered. It's easier with international endings. A lot of hoster offer a privacy-protection, whereby the whois-entry will be anonymised. If you have a multilingual website it would be better if you combine the language with the appropriate ending.

Domains information

International domain endings

  • .com: The ending .com applies for commercial offers. A registration is worldwide possible for private persons, companies and associations.
  • .net: The ending .net applies for provider and network operator. A registration is also possible for private persons, companies and associations.
  • .org: The ending .org applies for organisations respectively charitable organisations. This ending can be registered wordwide, too. From every person.
  • .info: The ending .info applies for information offers, whereat a registration is wordwilde from everybody possible.
  • .biz: The edning .biz applies for trade and business. This ending can be registered wordwide from everyone – but onlyfor commercial use.
Domains interntional endings

Country-specific domain endings

  • .eu: EU – Europe Europe
  • .de: Germany Germany
  • .at: Austria Austria
  • Austria Austria
  • Austria Austria
  • .ch: Switzerland Switzerland
  • .li: Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
  • .it: Italy Italy
  • .nl: Netherlands Netherlands
  • .es: Spain Spain
  • UK UK
  • .fr: France France
Domains national endings
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