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Meanwhile there are existing a lot of crypto currencies, whereat Bitcoin is the most famous currency. Notable is the rapid increase of the price at the stock exchange. The price of Bitcoin started with a few Dollar and in the year 2021 the price has reached more than 60.000$. Bitcoin is a big network where a lot of computers are linked. Payments are made with a special software. You manage your coins with a virtual wallet. Basically the wallet is encrypted and has a unique ID. For making payments only the unique identity is needed. There is no name or address necessary, so payments can be make anonymously. If you order a hosting plan with Bitcoin you don't have to enter personal data. Some offshore webhoster offer special plans for Bitcoin, where you can stay completely anonymous, also vis-a-vis the hoster. All Bitcoin transactions are saved to an encrypted database, called blockchain. Abig difference to conventional currencies is, that the price is not determined by banks and other organisations.

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2 ways to own Bitcoins

The easiest was to Bitcoins is to buy coins at a merchant (e.g.Coinbase). You can buy coins to the actual Dollar or Euro price and load your wallet. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Etherem are very popular at the stock exchange. Especially speculative traders enjoy trading cryptos.
On other way to get Bitcoins is to mine them. All together there are 21 Million Bitcoins available. About 17 Millions are already mined. If you want to mine Bitcoins, you have to solve very complex arithmetic problems, where a special hardware is needed. Mining Bitcoins really needs a lot of ressources and energy. If all 21 Millions Bitcoins are mined we think that the price will increase.

Hosting anonymous

A lot off offshore webhoster are accepting Bitcoin and other knwon cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum or Ripple. If you pay with a crypto, hosting accounts can be activated instantly and if you want to keep anonymous, Bitcoin is ideal.
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