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Offshore Hosting NetherlandsOffshore Hosting Netherlands

In the Netherlands you can find a lot of offshore webhoster. Laws for website operators are a little bit more liberal there. The Netherlands are in Europe and the internet connection is very good. You can expect fast server and highend technique.The Netherlands are popular for the largest Interconnection HUB, with 10% of the worldwide traffic. Amsterdam is the capital for XXX-Hosting. 26% of all adult sites are hostet in the Netherlands, only the USA hosts more with 60%. If you want to host a streaming-site, an adult-site or gambling, the Netherlands are the best location in Europe.

A lot of hoster offer an effective DDoS-protection. DDoS-protection is a little bit more expensive, but in the Netherlands you get low-priced hosting packages. Lot of hosters accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, if yiu want to stay anonymous. If you want to host offshore and want a high level, it's recommneded to host in the Netherlands.

Offshore Hosting Netherlands

Netherlands DMCA ignored Hosting

The most hosters in the Netherlands are DMCA ignored hosters. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a law from the USA to protect the copyright. 1998 president Bill Clinton has signed to pass the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. If the copyright is violated, service providers can not made liable for content or pictures caused by the customers, provided the content will be removed immediately after notification. The use of DMCA-protected material is only allowed for private purposes, redistribution is not allowed, too. In fact the DMCA is is only applicable in the USA. If you host at a USA located server, the persecution for a copyright owner is relative easy. If you want to use this law as a service provider there are certain conditions required. The most important thing is to remove content mmediately after notification.

Offshore Hosting PanamaOffshore Hosting Panama

Panama is also very popular for hosting websites offshore. There are several provider, who are located with server and head office in Panama City. The telecommunications infrastructure is very good developed. Panama is trough glas fibre connected with USA, Europe and Asia. Panama is free of earthquakes. So you can expect best quality webhosting. Hosting anonymous is no problem. The websites off the hoster are mostly English or Spanish. Besides Panama is a save and democratical country, with an economy depending on the US dollar.

We rent a vps-server at offshoreracks a few years ago and we where very satisfied with speed and support. In Panama you can host your website anonymous and expect best quality. HYIP provider prefer Panama for hosting. It's also possible to establich a Limited in Panama – anonymous if you want. So you can operate a website, what in some countries would be not legal.

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Offshore Hosting Panama